Staying In Touch Has Never Been So Simple

High-impact communication at every camper touchpoint so they feel
supported & cared for before they even come to camp.

Prospect Campers


CircuiTree makes it possible to deliver more of what your customers need to choose YOU as their go-to camp, season after season.

Follow along with every camper interaction, info request, and click to know where they’re at in the sale, and what the best next step might be to encourage registration.

Capture More New Leads

While customers are flocking to your website and getting excited about your camp, CircuiTree makes sure to get the info of new visitors so you can stay in touch & make the sale.

Always Be On Top of Things

Effortlessly keep meticulous track of info requests so brochures and DVDs are mailed out on time, every time. The result: a better reputation & more registrations.

Easy-to-Follow Conversion Analysis

Instantly see where your info requests are coming from geographically so you can quickly adjust your marketing dollars and see the biggest results for your budget.

Automate & Schedule Emails


When you stay at the top of their inboxes, you also stay top of mind.

With CircuiTree’s full communication capabilities, email clients proactively based on triggers (like pending registrations, balances due, etc.) or custom schedules you set up to run on your time.

Scheduled Emails

Simplify daily ops with scheduled emails for payment reminders, pre-camp welcome kits, thank you emails, plus pick up reminders (and much more!) Fully customizable send times put you in complete control of your camp’s communication.

Automated Emails

Send essential emails without any extra effort on your part. From payment verification emails to forgotten password reset links, our preloaded templates get you started with the basics (but can be quickly customized to complement your camp’s flavor).

Mass Emails

What if you could get your message to hundreds (or hundreds of thousands) of customers and donors with one click? One-time mass emails let you intentionally send your most important messages to the people who need to hear it most. There’s no limit to your segments (or success)!

Emails From Home


Even when your campers are having the time of their lives, it’s nice to hear a kind word from home.

Connect parents and campers with one-way emails parents send to their kiddos. Provide it as a perk, or add a fee  to create new revenue streams.

Added Revenue For You

Camper emails give your camp the ability to increase its revenue for absolutely FREE — all while providing parents a way to stay in touch with their campers (and giving kids a happy e-hug from home).

Easily Hand Out Emails

Every morning your camp will get a printer-friendly PDF that you can hand out to campers when you decide the time is right, or download your parent emails anytime from InfoLink.

Stay In Complete Control

Since you pick the price of the one-way email service for your camp, the packages, and when emails get routinely delivered to campers, you decide what this looks like for you. It’s your camp. Do it your way!