Foolproof Financial Management That
Ramps Up Your Revenue & Impact

Erase the guesswork (and stress) of managing camp finances so you can get
back to doing what you do best — creating the experiences they’ll remember for life.

Store Cards Made Simple


Equip campers with pre-filled cards that help make their camp more comfortable.


There’s a lot to be said for putting the responsibility in the hands of your campers, which is why campers can set up store cards through their accounts that they can use for camp necessities & souvenirs.

Easy Card Management


Once parents add money from their account online, their camper can use their balance simply by scanning their barcode or RFID CampBand, or having a staffer type in their name.

Never Again Lose a Sale


Since parents are automatically notified when their camper’s account balance is low, they can add money before funds ever run out. The result? More sales from your campers!

Monitor Spending


Give your customers instant access to spending reports in their online parent portal. They can view what their campers purchased (and for how much), plus add money to the account for future spending.

Integrated Point of Sale


Our deeply integrated point of sale means selling has never been simpler.


Track inventory, transfer merch to different locations, report on
invoices, and match sales with camper accounts.



Meet the robust (and easy-to-use) point of sale system that integrates seamlessly with your registration software. We deliver enterprise-level functionality that keeps track of inventory, landing costs, discounts, UPS shipping integration, camper store cards, payment processing, and your webstore.  (And there’s lots s’more where that came from.)

Accept All Payment Types


Let parents pay in the way that makes the most sense for them, whether it be via credit card, debit card, cash, check, or charging the cost directly to their camper’s account. When it’s easier to accept money, it’s easier to break your revenue records.

Manage Inventory With a Click


Whether you’re tracking merch at one camp store, your warehouse distribution center, or multiple locations, expertly manage your inventory. Move assets around, calculate accurate landing costs, and generate accounting reports to keep you on the money.

Guest Group Management


Open your camp to outside guest groups & open up a whole new revenue stream.


We’ve built everything you need to make guest group bookings beneficial to your bottom line — so everyone walks away a happy camper.

Create Custom
Contracts for Your Camp


Our contract wizard makes building custom agreements a summer breeze. We give you the ability to send statement & contract proposals on the spot, plus the group leader can sign into their online account to quickly make payments.

Keep Tabs With The Reservation Calendar


Even if your camp is booked solid, your staff will still be crystal clear on what (and who) comes next. Your entire team sees all reservations, making double bookings, last-minute chaos,  & staff confusion a thing of the past.

Plug In to New Marketing Opportunities


With CircuiTree, you can collect personal info on camp attendees that allows you to stay in touch, build the relationship, and encourage them to book their next event with you. It’s organic exposure at its finest.

Donor Management


If your camp runs on donations, don’t waste another minute on hodgepodged donor software.


Leverage the big data points of campers, donors, and staff
all in one place so you can pinpoint what’s working
and raise more money with ease.

Accept Online Donations


Make it easier than ever for donors to show their support with instant & secure online donations. The end result? More frequent contributions from the people who care the most.

Follow Their Journey


Follow your customers as they start as campers, transition to staff, become incredible parents, and then grow into donors. We make it possible for campers to come full-circle

Multiple Gift Types


If they want to donate it, CircuiTree can happily accommodate it! From pledges and cash gifts to gifts-in-kind and scholarship funds, track any and all donations in your central online hub.

Discounts & Scholarships


Our advanced discount & scholarship engine helps more campers get to camp.


Hand over the logistics of any discount or scholarship structure you can imagine, and our robust pricing engine will handle the rest.

Play With
Endless Options


Create any discount you can dream up with a full set of unique rules that you can mix and match. Just tell the system things like which locations and which days to develop custom discounts that fit your campers.

Apply Automatic Discounts


Run a specific promotion where campers coming back for their 3rd year get 13% off, and watch as the discount is automatically applied only to the right campers. Prefer coupon codes? No problem! The system supports those, too.



Easily add funds to your scholarship opportunities through the online portal. As a bonus, this same portal lets your camp donors contribute to the scholarships. Whenever you’re ready, award any amount to any camper at any time.

Billing & Financial Suite


Because financial reporting should be the least of your worries.


Simplify billing by collecting and tracking payments online,
all while integrating with any general ledger accounting
software (like Quickbooks).

Clear Reporting
& Audit Trails


Each registrar batches out their AR summary and submits a batch report with all receivables to the accounting department at the end of every day. This provides deep accountability and clear reporting for your accounting department, all while creating a clear audit trail.

Manage Multiple Locations


Have multiple locations with different cost centers, several tax rates, and a partridge and a pear tree? Don’t worry! CircuiTree’s centralized accounting system streamlines multiple camp locations and costs so your accountants don’t jump in the lake.

Integrate With Your
Accounting Software


Link each camp, term, division, item, and bus  (etc.) to the correct AR category and General Ledger code so every transaction is automatically sorted. This built-in organization will save your accounting department so much time and energy they’ll finally be able to take their vacation.

Enterprise Accounting


We built this system with YOU in mind, so accrual and cash-based accounting is deeply hardwired in our code. Defer revenue and payments until the camp week occurs, and then the system automatically transfers all transactions to the main General Ledger line of your choice!